Advantages for Vegetarians

As a prospective vegetarian, you probably question whether or not it really matters if you stop eating meat. So how will it change things in your life and for the planet? It may not make a massive difference when one person decides to do this but each person that makes this choice will have an overall effect. A classic example of this is illustrated by the amount of heart disease in the USA that meat-eaters suffer from.

It is the cholesterol in meat, eggs, milk, cheese and other dairy items that contribute to the problem of heart and circulatory conditions. In fact the group Earth Save states that a vegetarian has around 25 percent less chance of a heart attack than someone who consumes meat as part of their diet. Pure vegans have an even lower likelihood of a heart attack with only a 10 percent chance against a meat eater. The heart is only one organ that benefits from a vegetarian diet because there are other health advantages.

Preservatives which are used a great deal in meat are reduced and so are the incidences of cancer. As a vegetarian you won't be exposed to various hormones (that are packed into animal feed), which often disrupt normal hormonal processes in the body. Another substance, lactose, is also missing from their diet which has causal links with digestive conditions. In addition to health benefits you will receive as an individual by becoming a vegetarian, you will also reduce your share of the suffering human beings inflict on animals.

The appalling death toll statistic suggested by Vegan Out-Reach is that over 2,700 animals will be eaten by an average American during their life. Just in a couple of decades, many hundreds of animals would not need to loose their lives if you were to make this commitment. If you were also to give up dairy products and eggs, many battery hens and cows would not need to be used to feed you.

It is difficult to ignore the impact that eating meat has on the planet and makes the case for becoming a vegetarian stronger. The reduction in animal life lost and the improvement in your health should be convincing enough.

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