Enjoying A Delicious Tofu Dish

In a world where seemingly every day a new fad diet hits the shelves, eating healthy can be mired in confusion and doubt. It’s no wonder that we have such a difficult time making healthy food choices when everywhere we turn there’s a new doctrine of nutrition. What health-conscious eaters need to remember is that no matter how many diets hit the market, there are fundamental guidelines that will always be in place; and ingredients that will always be the healthier choice. Tofu, for instance, continues to be a mainstay in the diets of vegetarians and healthy eaters alike. And finding a tofu dish that seamlessly integrates nutrition and great taste can be easier than you think.

Tofu is made from soybean curds after which it is pressed into blocks to be used in a variety of cuisines. There are a number of forms of tofu – the difference between the forms dictates what tofu dish in which it will work the best. Soft tofu has extremely high moisture content as it originates directly from soy milk. The texture of soft tofu is similar to that of custard and subsequently soft tofu is best in a dessert tofu dish. Firm tofu contains slightly less moisture and can hold it shape enough to be cut into cubes. A tofu dish in which the tofu is being used as a meat substitute may be the best use for firm tofu. Dried tofu has the least moisture content of all the tofu varieties. It can easily be used in a tofu dish that calls for crumbled or sliced tofu; as well as a tofu dish that calls for tofu noodles as dried tofu can easily be pressed into delicious noodles.

Tofu’s versatility lends it to preparation in a variety of ways including stewed, fried, grilled, and raw, among others. It is for this reason that finding a delicious tofu dish is far from difficult. Because tofu can be used in almost all ways that meat can – and beyond – you will likely find a tofu dish to suit your personal tastes in any number of cookbooks or online.

Ultimately, a tofu dish delivers more than great taste; it delivers astounding health benefits as well. Extremely high in protein, tofu is low in calories and contains no cholesterol. Research has also shown that the soy protein found in tofu has been linked to the reduction of heart disease. When you consider all the benefits of the tofu dish you are bringing to your table, it makes sense that you should continue to include tofu in the diet of your family.

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