Is Vegetarian Cooking For You?

What if I told you that you could eat more, lose weight and get healthier. And still eat hamburgers, hot dogs and burritos. It's true! Here's how...

It's never been easier to do vegetarian cooking. Many companies have jumped on to the vegetarian cooking bandwagon and now offer new and innovative ways to give you all the flavors you are used to but without using meat. Here are some ideas to get you started with vegetarian cooking.

Changing to a vegetarian cooking lifestyle doesn't mean that you can no longer have hamburgers. Just choose from one of several meatless burgers and wrap them in whole grain buns for the rolls. The best selling vegetarian burger makers are Garden burgers, Boca Burgers, and Morningstar Farms. Enhance the flavor by adding your favorite vegetables to the burger such as tomato slices, along with vegan mayonnaise. Voila! A tasty, healthy and mouth--watering meal.

That's not all, you can still enjoy enchiladas, pot pies and burritos with vegetarian cooking. You can get these meals in vegetarian versions or cook your own by substituting vegetarian ingredients. New vegetarian products are becoming available all the time. Many large food companies have acquired health food businesses, so finding vegetarian alternatives is getting easier. It's worth asking at your local stores when you notice a new vegetarian product on the market. If the stores see a demand they may be willing to carry these food products.

Vegetarian cooking doesn't mean no more Canadian bacon, lunch meat or pepperoni. Look for Yves veggie cuisine, they have delicious alternatives for these foods. Because they are made from purely vegetarian sources you get all the flavor without any of the negative health aspects. So your favorite casseroles and sauces, as well as sandwiches are still on the menu.

What about sausages, hot dogs and Italian links? Yep! you can get vegetarian cooking alternatives for these too. Once again I recommend Yves veggie cuisine and Light Life as excellent choices for these foods. Another company, Morningstar, has great veggie dogs as part of its vegetarian cooking cuisine. If you fancy some chilli and are in a hurry try Cha Cha Chili's tasty instant meals in a cup. Another great option that comes to mind is Chili Ole.

I hope you can see that you have a wealth of options with vegetarian cooking and don't have to give up your favorite foods. Vegetarian cooking recipes are a fun and exciting way to enjoy your food. A side benefit is that vegetarian cooking is good for your body. Vegetables are a vital part of our diet. They provide an important source of vitamins and nutrients. Chances are that if you make vegetarian cooking a habit, you will probably lose weight as well. Because by eating less meat you will lower your calorie and fat consumption and lower your risk of heart disease. Which means you can eat more too!

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