Rice Chappathi With Veggy Aviyal


Requirements: Thin, Small Finger shaped slices(for all the below listed vegetables) of White Pumpkin-1cup; Cheanai-1/2 cup; Banana Plantain-1/2 cup; Carrot-1/2 cup; Snake guard-1/2 cup; Green peas-1/2 cup; Drumstick-2; For grinding-Coconut ½ side-grated; Green chilli-4; Jeera-1/2 teaspoon; Curry leaves-required amount; Coconut oil- little; salt-required amount.

Method: First wash and cook the finger shaped thin vegetables and drumstick with little water in the cooker. Drain the water. Grind the grated coconut, chilli and jeera (little roughly) in a mixie. Put the pan and add the vegetables and grinded material in it and keep it in a low flame till the raw smell of the grinded material are removed. Before the time of taking out the pan from flame, add curry leaves and coconut oil to it. For this dish coconut oil is a must. This is a superb side dish for Adai, Vathakuzhambu rice, any other sambar rice and Rice chappathis.

Rice Chappathi:

Requirements: Rice Flour (soft without any small balls) -100 gms, Methi-10 grams, Big onion-50gms, Mulai keerai (spinach variety) -30 gms, Green chilli-3, Salt-required amount, Ghee-required amount.

Method: Powder the methi seeds. Mix the rice flour and methi powder together with water. Add the finely chopped onion, spinach, green chilli and salt. Mix it well and make it into small balls. Then make the balls into chappatis with the help of chappati stone. Heat the chappatis one by one in the tava and after taking it out from the tava apply little ghee on the top. This chappati is more tastier when it is taken especially with pudhina chutney and also with aviyal.

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