Should you become a vegetarian

As a prospective vegetarian, you probably question whether or not it really matters if you stop eating meat. Some consider just what difference a single person changing their eating habits can make. However, if enough individuals do stop, it becomes statistically more important to the health of animals on this planet. To provide an example of this, you only have to look at how many people in America suffer with heart disease that eat meat regularly.

Meat, dairy produce and eggs are the main sources of cholesterol which are the contributing factors in coronary heart disease and other circulation problems. The organization Earth Save has calculated that a vegetarian has only a quarter of the chance of a heart attack as someone who has meat in their diet. Pure vegans have an even lower likelihood of a heart attack with only a 10 percent chance against a meat eater. A healthy heart is not the only 'health benefit' to becoming a vegetarian as there are other reasons too.

There is less likelihood of cancer owing to the reduced number of preservatives that will be in your diet compared to a person that regularly eats meat. Animal feed also contains hormones to make them put weight on faster so vegetarians are not usually exposed to these chemicals which most people consume everyday. It is also much easier to avoid the consumption of lactose which many people have intolerance to, causing digestive conditions. On a more ethical note, you will be surprised how much less suffering in animals you will be responsible for by becoming a vegetarian.

In fact the death toll of animals may be far greater than expected with figures in the region of 2,700 eaten by an average American in their lifetime. If you quit eating meat now, you could literally prevent the suffering and death of hundreds of animals over the course of a couple decades. Continuing along this line and by giving up eggs and milk, many hens and cows will be saved from the degradation of just being alive to feed us.

So if you haven't worked it out by now, yes we can all make a difference both individually and collectively which should show why becoming a vegetarian is so important. The reduction in animal life lost and the improvement in your health should be convincing enough.

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