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You may be wondering if your decision to give up meat is the right one. So how will it change things in your life and for the planet? It might be true that one extra person won't make a huge statistical difference in a world of meat-eaters.

But you can do a lot as an individual that will be good for you and good for hundreds of animals. A diet made up largely of meat causes heart problems which are the most common causes of death in the United States and other meat consuming countries.

Many of today's heart conditions would not be so commonplace if people did not eat so much food with high levels of cholesterol, such as dairy products and eggs. In fact the group Earth Save states that a vegetarian has around 25 percent less chance of a heart attack than someone who consumes meat as part of their diet.

On the other hand the numbers of heart attacks in vegans are an astonishing 10 times less than those of people that eat meat. The health of a persons heart is only one of many areas where being a vegetarian will benefit their overall health.

Normal, everyday food contains a whole host of preservatives (especially common in meat) that has shown links with many types of cancer. Animal feed also contains hormones to make them put weight on faster so vegetarians are not usually exposed to these chemicals which most people consume everyday.

A digestive problem, which many nutritional experts believe to be caused by intolerance to lactose, will also be avoided. Ok so there are obvious health benefits to becoming a vegetarian but it will also mean that many animals will not be harmed either.

One particular study illustrates this point by claiming that the average American is responsible for the death (for food) of over two thousand seven hundred animals during their life. If you quit eating meat now, you could literally prevent the suffering and death of hundreds of animals over the course of a couple decades.

If you were also to give up dairy products and eggs, many battery hens and cows would not need to be used to feed you. So if you haven't worked it out by now, yes we can all make a difference both individually and collectively which should show why becoming a vegetarian is so important. Many animal lives would be saved and your life would be improved with less chance of you developing cancer or a coronary heart condition.

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