Vegetarian Diets

There are 3 types of vegetarian diets:

1. Lacto-ovo vegetarian: A person who does not eat animal-based foods, except dairy and eggs.

2. Lacto vegetarian: A person who does not eat animal-based foods, except dairy.

3. Vegan: A person who does not eat any animal-based foods.

Nutrition-wise, we feel vegetarianism is not ideal. The problem is that almost all vegetarian diets miss some essential nutrients, like:
- Iron (only in red meat)
- Vitamin B 12 (only in animal foods)
- Vitamin D (found in milk with added vitamin D)
- Calcium (found in milk & dairy products)
- Zinc (plants poorly absorb zinc)
- Creatine (only in red meat)
Since some nutrients are found only in animal-based foods, eliminating them from your diet puts you at risk of a shortage. Vegetarians (especially vegans) must be cautious and make sure they get all these nutrients from non-animal foods. In short, it's a choice that must be carefully thought and planned.
Consult The Vegetarian Resource Group if you're considering vegetarianism.

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