Breakfast, Why You Cant Afford To Miss It

How many of you don't eat breakfast but have a sugary snack at 11am? Well for all of those who have said yes then I am here to tell you that not eating breakfast will keep your body in sleep mode until you refuel it.

Here's how it works; when you wake up your body isn't as quick as your brain to realise that you have actually got out of bed and it's not until you start eating that your metabolism will kick in. Most people who are over weight do not have breakfast but have a mid morning snack instead, which means that your body will store fat until you eat.

Get In the Habit

The main reason most of us don't have breakfast is because we don't want to eat as soon as we wake up and we often don't have time. You need to make breakfast as part of your day. If you're too busy in the morning, prepare as much as you can the night before.

If you can't stomach anything first thing try just a glass of pure, unsweetened fruit juice, a banana, yoghurt or slice of toast. If you still feel that you can't do this then buy a cereal breakfast bar and eat it on the way to work or as soon as you get in the office. Get into the habit of trying different dishes at breakfast and enjoy it!

What are the Best Breakfast Cereals?

The best cereals are low-calorie muesli (no added sugar or salt) or a high fibre cereal, such as Bran Flakes, Weetabix or Shredded Wheat with semi skimmed or skimmed milk. Add some fresh fruit, a sliced banana or sultanas to add natural sweetness and help you resist sugar. They also count towards your daily fruit and vegetable intake.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is one of the best slow energy release foods and will help you retain your energy until lunchtime and will also give you a healthy top up of vitamins and minerals. Starting your day in a healthy way will motivate you to make healthy choices throughout the day.

If you can't decide on what fruit you would like you can make a fruit salad, which will incorporate all of your favourite fruits. It doesn't really matter how you eat fruit just as long as you have up to 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. However, it is important to remember that adding cream, sugar or any form of fat will turn a very healthy breakfast into a high calorie snack!

An Egg a Day

Eggs are an excellent and compact source of nutrients and are relatively low in calories (75kcals each if boiled / poached) and contain very little saturated fat. Have your eggs with wholemeal bread and resist butter or spread. Accompany with a glass of fruit or vegetable juice and you will have a very healthy and filling breakfast.

Full Cooked English Breakfast

A full English breakfast doesn't have to be high in fat and you don't have to miss out. There's nothing wrong with a cooked breakfast as long as it's a "grill up", not a "fry up" - fried foods hold the fat! Lean bacon is a good source of protein, trim the fat and grill them. Eggs contain iron and calcium and to get the benefits poach or boil. Add some low-sugar, low-salt baked beans and a grilled tomato.

Fry your mushrooms in a small amount of water, accompanied with some toasted wholemeal bread and a glass of unsweetened fruit juice and you have a full cooked health English breakfast. Let your breakfast digest and then enjoy a Sunday morning walk to kick start your body and help digest your food.

If I still haven't managed to convince you the benefits of a healthy breakfast then I will ask you to do just one thing. Eat breakfast every morning for one week and I can guarantee that you will be surprised at the increase in your energy levels will feel healthier in general.

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