Eliminate Clutter With Cold Cereal Dispensers

One of the kitchen gadgets that has become increasingly popular is the cold cereal dispenser. For many families that have children, cereal is a great breakfast alternative or snack option that is healthy and easy. With the help of a cold cereal dispenser, you can make sure that your loved ones can easily fill their cereal bowls without the added distractions of open cereal boxes that may become stale rapidly and can become messy. Most of the cold cereal dispensers are perfectly sized to fit on your countertop and often come in various colors to fit any kitchen decor. Following are some benefits to a cold cereal dispenser: • Cold cereal dispensers are extremely convenient and usually pour a specific portion to your breakfast cereal bowl. No more measuring out your portions. • Cold cereal dispensers are an excellent way to keep your cereal fresh and sanitary. You don't have to worry about stale cereals, due to being left open. Cereal dispensers are sealed to be air tight. • Cold cereal dispensers are also very easy to clean up. Clean up is a snap and you can easily restock your dispenser in a couple of minutes. • If you have younger children, they can easily serve themselves, without cereal being dumped all over the kitchen table. • Most cereal dispensers can revolve either right or left, so you can simply retrieve your cereal from the reservoir. • Lastly, most cold cereal dispensers are budget-friendly, affordably priced at under $50. There are two main variations of cereal dispensers; each normally resemble gumball machines that are placed on top of your counter. There is generally a reservoir that holds a few liters of cereal. Some are equipped to hold up to one gallon or more. Below the reservoir that holds the cereal is a small lever to access the cereal. The cereal is usually dispensed through a small chute where you can place your bowl underneath. Cold cereal dispensers either come with one container or multiple containers to retain a selection of different cereals.

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