Enjoying Cuban cigars at Dinner

Cuban cigars are perfect on their own and I'm sure you will agree and agree with one hundred percent compliance. Any day of the week (At least the people I know). would love to just chill at the beach with a nice Cohiba Robusto lit to it's full potential.

If you are reaaxing for hours like most people do on the beach, than feel free to grab a longer Cuban cigar such as the Cohiba Esplendido and you will be in heaven as soon as you lit that match. My point is you don't need anything else to go with a fine Cuban cigar, but you can make that experience even better with a Scotch or some fine dinner.

In this article I would like to focus on the type of food that will go best with your Cuban cigar. Yes a nice satisfying cigar after a good meal can make your night complete or top off that big lunch. Some people even have breakfast cigars like something very light on the palette such as a Fonseca.

Smoking a cigar while your are munching out on your delicious food is simply disgusting. You are not only missing out on how delicious your food is but also your very own Cuban cigar. Everything has a time and place and so does smoking your Cuban cigar. Always either smoke your Cuban cigar before your meal or after.

If I smoke before, it must be accompanied with a nice drink. Scotch totally works in this scenario and you can even have some light wine. Moet is a very good choice as it's light and goes very well with a medium to light cigar.

You live life once so you have to have fun. The best way to do is to get a group of friends or well wishers together and smoke those Cuban cigars. I say let's all go out for a big dinner and have the best time. Good drinks, good food and good Cuban cigars all around!

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