9 Yummy Foods That Can Harm Your Heart

Yummy foods are usually tasty and loved by people of all ages. Though not all, majority of these yummy foods may actually pose some threats to our health. Here are 9 so called 'junk foods' that are yummy yet high in calories and low in nutritional content; they do contain fats, especially trans fats.

1. Cookies and candy
The more the fat content, the more likely the cookie will contain trans fat. A typical chocolate chip cookie could contain nearly 0.5 g of trans fats.

2. Breakfast food
Apart from oats and Weetabix, most commercial brands of cereals contain trans fat.

3. Fast food
French fries are no doubt tasty for many people yet they are the worst offenders. A medium-size fries contains as high as 14 g of trans fat if it is fried in shortening or partially hydrogenated oils.

4. Baked goods
The fluffy texture and melt-in-mouth taste are mainly created by using a lot of trans fats. For example, 1 doughnut can provide about 5 g of trans fats and almost 5 g of saturated fat; cream-filled cookies have about 2 g of trans fat each.

5. Chips and crackers
Chips and crackers are crunchy and that is why they are favored by many people. But their crunchiness is in fact made by partially hydrogenated oil. A small bag of chips can fill your stomach with 3 g of trans fat.

6. Noodles
Instant noodles were first invented by the Japanese and have been very popular among Asians because of the convenience. These noodles are actually made by partially hydrogenated oil and therefore significant amounts of trans fat.

7. Toppings and dips
You may wonder why whipped cream gets so light. This is because of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil and thus trans fat. Perhaps, you may want to make your own dressing with olive oil and vinegar or yoghurt and some herbs.

8. Frozen foods
Frozen foods such as those breaded fish sticks, frozen pizzas and pies are usually high in trans fat.

9. Spreads
These include margarines, canola spreads and other spreads. For example, stick margarines contain almost 3 g of trans fat per serving.

Trans fat is the most harmful material that clogs the arteries of the heart as well as increases insulin resistance. It will not only raise our LDL (bad cholesterol) but also lower our HDL (good cholesterol). This will ultimately increase our risk of becoming candidate of heart disease. By all means, cut down the consumption of these foods if you do not want your heart to suffer later on.

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