Attract Deer Using Food Plots - Its Not Rocket Science

Planting food plots is a perfectly legal way to feed and provide benefits to the deer. You can not however, use corn or seeds to lure a deer in order to shoot it, the vast majority of states adhere to this law. The food plots provide the deer with a sure place to get food, and so they will be better nourished and as a result grow bigger and healthier. Healthy deer will in turn produce more deer in that area which is especially beneficial during the winter months.

Clover is a delicacy for deer! They love red and white clover. Both of these grow very easy and have a high level of protein. White clover will grow for up to five years from a single seeding. It's not hard to find the seeds either, you can get plot food from all good commercial feed stores. They are premixed for easy growing. Most of these mixes contain clover, alfalfa, rye grass, and brassica.

You will need to grow your food plot in a spot that is naturally poor in growth. Your plot will not work if they have a thriving natural habitat. Whitetail deer will prefer to eat whatever is naturally there instead of your plot and so they won't have any need for extra nutrition. For more info see on success attracting deer.

Make plans to keep your food plot a safe distance away from any residential areas. Deer may become a problem with peoples gardens if they are fed too close. Plots will need to be wide enough and in a place to get enough sunlight. It's important to maintain and cultivate new plants regularly. Remember, you will not have more deer show up, if they are not there already it will not bring more. The idea befind the food plot is not to increase the amount of deer but, to help the deer you have to grow healthy.

These food plots are for making your deer healthy and attracting more deer. It is a safe and legal thing to do. It helps the deer to have a safe place to eat so they will not venture into places they do not belong. Try to plant a commercial premix and then you could experiment with your own mixes. It will be a trial and error till you find the right combination that works best!

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