Catering is More Than Having Good Food

Catering isn’t just about food any more. You need to find a catering company that will help you with every part of an event, from the tablecloths to great servers – but the food is still most important.

Catering is becoming a more popular choice for events where everything, including the food, drinks and service, is important. From weddings to business meetings, catering companies are handling more than just food.

But, food catering is where it all begins and, if you are responsible for having an event catered, then food is the first and most important part of your job.

Tastes have become more sophisticated and varied and catered food menus are not the simple things they once were. You need a catering company that can provide food for vegetarians, special diet needs and many different cultures. More and more of your guests are health conscious and they want catered food that is delicious and healthy.

If food was the only part of hosting or having an event catered, your life might be a little easier. Unfortunately, while it might be most important, food isn’t the only thing and you need to find a catering company that can help you with a variety of other tasks that could make or break your event.

Needless to say, food needs to be served on plates, with cutlery, so your catering company needs to be able to provide quality dinnerware – and tables, chairs, trimming - everything you might need that you can’t or don’t want to do yourself.

Service is important too. Regardless of how good the food is, if your catering service is bad it could ruin your event. Courteous and professional wait staff and drink servers are essential for a successful occasion.

So, let’s say you get it all together, a good catering company with great food, enough tables and chairs, and the best serving staff in the GTA, who’s going to clean-up when the party is over? Don’t forget to make sure that set-up and clean up are part of your catering contract.

Ida’s Kitchen prepares delicious and healthy international menus for every occasion. Professional staff set-up, serve the food and drinks and clean up too.

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