Comfort Food

Ah, the magic of comfort food. It brings us feelings of warmth and well being. It brings back memories of childhood and innocence. We have old favorites, such as meatloaf, or Chicken Pot Pie. We develop new favorites, based on our growing tastes and perhaps culture.

Recipes for our favorite comfort foods are available all over, in the form of books, TV shows, hand me down from our parents, and online cooking videos. This last is the most recent in cooking trends, led by such websites as Websites that specialize in cooking videos utilize professional chefs as your instructors into making new classic favorites. The recipe lists are displayed in easy to read and easy to print out formats, and the chefs take you step by step on how to make new creations that are sure to quickly become classic comfort foods. Yet these comfort foods are so elegant you could serve them at your next dinner party, without anyone knowing you have not been to a world famous cooking school.

These cooking videos are range from the very simple to fairly complex, and cover a wide variety of foods such as chicken, fish, vegetarian, and even desserts. Michelin rated chefs teach these videos, and show you exactly what is involved in making your next favorite comfort food. Since there is no one else in the "class", you wind up getting one-to-one instruction, just as if they were right there. These are truly the next generation in finding your new favorite comfort foods.

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