Fine Foods Journey

In the past few years I have discovered a variety of delicious gourmet foods which the world has to offer. These foods range from cheeses to coffee and wine. Unfortunately my budget has so far prevented me from enjoying truffles or Penfolds Grange wines. But at least I am now paying attention to the brand and vintage of a wine bottle rather than its alcohol content.

These days I spend a fair amount of time perusing the cheese and coffee selections at local supermarkets, and occasionally buy some over the internet as well. Often I don't have the money to purchase these items but I feel better knowing that they are there and that I am making some kind of effort regarding the quality of my purchases.

I do not pretend in any way to be a fine foods or gourmet conoissuer and I guarantee that you will find far more informative articles on the internet and in your local library or bookstore. My aim is to take you along on a layman's tour of gourmet foods and beverages.


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