Food Books Can Turn an Amateur Into an Expert

So this is basically a story of a friend, on how a simple set of food books can teach anyone to cook, forget about the master class lessons that cost hundreds of thousands per session and grab yourself an affordable cook book to help picking up techniques.

Basically it was a few years back and someone had asked him to cook a roast dinner, he thought ok this will be easy. So we both went out to the local supermarket where we picked up a selection of the best roast ingredients you can get. When we got back I left and he started initiating the roast dinner. His first task was an absolute failure. He went to cut some broccoli and ended up slashing his finger in the process, from then on it went from bad to worse. The chicken was completely burnt as well as the vegetables.

After this horrendous ordeal he decided to himself that he has to learn how to cook, not only for himself but his family. He did not care how long it was going to take, so his first step was looking at cooking classes most of the places that he enquired for were charging a fortune, so he had to do this marathon himself. He decided to go online and find himself a beginner's guide to cooking. After reading through the first couple of chapters he started to get the hang of it and I even got offered a bowl of spaghetti bolognaise. But he said he was not going to stop there and decided to get more books but each time he got another the more he was learning.

A few months passed and the same person had asked my friend to cook another meal, whether they were saying this as a joke or seriously he took the task. This time he did not cut anywhere or burn anything and even I was surprised with his cooking. He had made a steak with parsley, garden potatoes and a baguette with hummus.

Now a few years on he owns a nice selection of restaurants all specialising in high standards of food. As you can see in a few years he had gone from not knowing anything to mastering the art of food, all by the art of self teach and determination. So for any up and coming chefs that want to learn more I defiantly recommend in getting yourself a few cook books and learn while you go, you will pick it up in no time.

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