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When you live outside a big city, it's sometimes difficult to find services that are close by. Fortunately, for anyone looking for food catering in Richmond Hill, we have some of the premier food caterers in Toronto and the GTA. But, if all the big city food catering companies are willing to serve the GTA, what is the advantage of using a food catering company located in Richmond Hill?

Start with the obvious ? Richmond Hill food caterers know Richmond Hill better than outside catering companies. This helps because a local caterer can help you find a choice Richmond Hill location in which to hold the event. The right venue can make a big difference to the success of your occasion. There are a number of venues in Richmond Hill that may not be well known, but can provide an excellent backdrop for your occasion. A Richmond Hill food caterer will be familiar with all the local venues and may be able to help you get the specific date and time you need.

Another advantage to choosing a food catering company from Richmond Hill is their connection to other local suppliers. If you choose a catering company from outside Richmond Hill, they will not know local suppliers. In other words, if you get your food catered by a Toronto caterer, and you need help finding a DJ, you will probably get a Toronto DJ. While this is not necessarily a problem, it is always better to use local companies because they will know the area and local tastes much better. For food catering and any other service or product a caterer might help you to find, using a Richmond Hill company also helps in emergencies when, if you need that one more table or extra servings, the problem can be solved quickly and easily.

Whether you choose food catering from a Richmond Hill company or not, there are certain things you should look for to help you identify the right catering company for your needs. The bottom line for any food catering company, whether they are in Richmond Hill or not, and regardless of all the other services they offer, is food. There are two ?must haves? for the food offered by a caterer. First, only freshly prepared food of the highest quality, made from the healthiest ingredients, is acceptable. Many catering companies in Richmond Hill will use food that is prepared by third party kitchens that mass-produce dishes for caterers. While there is nothing wrong with the practice, it is still preferable to use a caterer who prepares the food especially for you. Healthy ingredients are important because you want what is best for your guests. They are more health conscious and aware of what they eat than ever before. If your meal is high in fat or sodium, your guests will notice and it will reflect badly on your event.

The second sign of a good food catering company is a varied menu. The same old dishes are not good enough any more. In a way, your event is in competition with the other catered event that your guests have attended. In Richmond Hill, especially for corporate events, you are competing with large catered events in Toronto and elsewhere. You need catered dishes to make your occasion stand out from the rest. Variety will also satisfy the increasingly multi-cultural tastes of your guests.

To find food catering services that use fresh ingredients and varied menus, don?t be afraid to ask tough questions and, if you feel the need, request a visit to the caterer's kitchens. If a catering company doesn?t want to answer your questions or hesitates to let you visit or sample their food, move on. The good part about living close to a big city is, even if you run out of food catering companies in Richmond Hill, there are many more nearby.

Once you find catering companies that meet your standards for food ingredients, preparation and menus, you can start looking at the other services they offer. These can include just about everything you need for your occasion, from dinnerware to tents. Most reputable food caterers in Richmond Hill will have good sources for everything you need. Where you might notice a difference is in their wait staff. Experienced and courteous servers are important and can have almost as big an effect on your event as the food they serve.

Ida's Kitchen specialize's in food catering in Richmond Hill. Professional staff set-up, serve the food and drinks and clean up too.

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