Good Food a Definition

Good Food a definition
A neat definition is impossible.
If we say that good food is not processed, we would be eliminating some of the best foods we know, like Orange Marmalade, Smoked Salmon and Cheddar Cheese.
If we say that good food is always healthy food, we would be eliminating such glories as clotted cream and plum pudding. If we say that good food is produced without stress to animals we would have to deny that wild salmon, or indeed any fish, is "good food".
If we say that good food must be produced by traditional methods then chocolate cake cooked in the microwave - which can be very good food indeed! - would not qualify.

Indeed, there will always be, and so there should be, a healthy debate about what constitutes good food. We hope to both promote that debate and allow it to influence our own attitudes.

Meanwhile for the Trust, 'good food' means ......
.......tastes, looks and smells delicious, is fresh, wholesome and pure , has nutritional value and will do no harm if eaten in moderation, is produced by methods, traditional or modern, the producer would be proud to show the public, has had minimal processing, has been humane in the keeping and slaughter of animals, has minimal chemical content, contains no unnecessary additives.

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