Make Favorite Foods 100% Success!!

Actually, to make someone impress with food is very simple.

All you need to make are good-looking and good smell food, moreover It has to according to appetite person who eat it (Despite you make a very delicious food but it not compatible with person who eat it, it is worthless).

To get all of the "ingredients" to make your food always remembered by the eater, you have to know what is his/her favorite foods (their appetite). This point is very important, because despite you make a very delicious food but it not compatible with the eater, it is worthless.For example, you cook very delicious prawn appetiser and serve it with very eye-catching looked. but your eater is alergic to seafood. Your hard work will be all useless.

The second thing to remember is to give some attention to your food's appearance. Because the appearance of the food is the first thing that influence your consumer opinion.

Beside that don't forget to add some special spices to your food! Some cooker ussually give not enough attention about this. Actually, some people give attention to the smell of the food. They even sometime can't enjoy the meal that smell weird.

Have a nice cook and make them enjoy!

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