Mesa- The Food Oasis in a Desert

Arizona has taken over Nevada as the fastest growing state in terms of population. It must have quite a number of bellies to feed then. However, some of its major cities seem quite well equipped to do that. Take a look at Mesa, its third largest city; it exudes an assortment of eating joints for hungry citizens and exhausted travelers. The heat must be pushing most travelers into Mesa restaurants invariably.

If you’re a stickler for pizzas to gulp down with chilled beer, drop into Nello’s Pizza. Locals claim they have the best pizzas you’d find in the whole of Arizona. You’ll also find some good tummy fillers like steak and chicken wings at the Texas Roadhouse, Eggington’s TC and Blue Adobe Grille. But Siam Orchid has been rated as the best restaurant in Mesa. It’s a Thai place; and who doesn’t love Thai? You’ll find some great restaurants serving sushi and the neighborhood specialty Mexican too.

While you’re braving the hot breeze and dry deserts of Arizona, halt at Mesa for some much-needed refreshments.

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