Take Away Food in London

You'll find them absolutely everywhere across the capital. Take Away eateries are commonplace in just about every High Street, Parade or Station approach in the outskirts of London. But I know what you're thinking - they all sell the same greasy food, but under a different name (often a variant of the words 'Charcoal', 'Grill', 'Kebab' or 'Fish Bar'). And you're right - a lot of them do serve very average food, simply because the attitude is that the prices are low, it's fast food, and therefore it doesn't have to be great quality. An example I like to illustrate with is the salad that they serve at Kebab centres; watery and bland, this is simply to compliment the meat. One could also see it as a half-hearted attempt to spread the balance between meat and the more healthy option of vegetables. One thing IS for sure - contrary to popular belief, you can find a few gems hidden amongst the trash. The first time I went to Efes,13 Chatterton Road, Bromley I didn't expect miracles. It looked like quite an ordinary kebab house from the outside, but when I sat down with my large doner and chips and started eating, things took a great turn. I can honestly say, I have never tasted kebab meat like that before. The chilli sauce drizzled over the shish complimented the juicy, succulent strips of lamb perfectly. As for the chips, they were just as I like them - thin, crisp and relatively free of grease. As a consequence of this positive eating experience, I have recommended it to other friends who share a love for quality kebabs. Next up is the small chain Salisbury's, who have takeaways in Bromley, Biggin Hill, Clapham and Whyteleafe (Surrey). In a similar sense to Tom Bell's (another Bromley-based chain), you can be sure that your order of Fish and Chips will be well above the average standard. A lot of Kebab houses have a Fish and Chip option available to customers, but the same quality and traditional taste will not be there. It is often best, if you are looking for a satisfying Chippy, to go to those who specialise in the cuisine - whether you like it or not, there is a certain method to cooking fish and chips that separates the real McCoy from a charlatan (or those who simply couldn't care less!). On average, a meal from Salisbury's will set you back £5. A good selection of fish is available on the menu; cod, rock, plaice, skate, scampi and so on. If you're looking for more of a 'sit-down' Fish and Chips meal within a restaurant setting, I would greatly recommend the chain "Superfish". With seven fully licensed restaurants (with the exception of the branch in Cheam), each come with ample seating and accept Visa and Mastercards. As a family run business with 30 years experience serving quality fish and chips, this is a great place for those who appreciate deep-fried or grilled fish (grills are available at most branches, offering rainbow trout, swordfish steak and dover sole).

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