The Five Worst Foods You Can Eat

Do you know what my doctor had the nerve to tell me the other day? He said that one French fry from a fast food restaurant is worse than smoking a cigarette. Believe me, if I had known this a few years earlier, I never would have quit smoking!

I kid of course, but one of the annoying side effects of "stopsmokeitis" is an insatiable appetite. French fries have gone a long way in quenching this desire along with other killers like sodas, doughnuts and potato chips.

If twenty years of smoking doesn’t get me with the big C, my questionable choices in diet will no doubt either stop my heart, give me a stroke, bring on a raging case of diabetes and yea… there’s still the big C in all the other parts of my body.

It isn’t fair!

Here’s a list of the five worst possible foods for a human to eat:

* Doughnuts
* Chips
* French fries
* Fried Non-Fish Seafood
* Soda

Can you believe it? At least chocolate is not on the list, I’d of just gone ahead and called it quits.

Did you know that one can of soda has ten teaspoons of sugar, thirty to fifty five mg of caffeine, 150 calories and lots and lots of artificial food colors and sulphites? Uh, what’s that? Oh, sulphites. Hold on a minute, I’ll be right back…

Okay, you can either spell it as I did or it’s more commonly spelled without the h. Since I’m a lazy typist, I’ll use the abbreviated version from here on out. Anyway, sulfites are a kind of food preservative. They can harm you if your Sulfite Oxidase enzyme (a chemical that converts one chemical to another chemical) is low.

When things are in the proper proportion, Sulfite Oxidase converts sulfites into sulfates, which are harmless. The problem arises when your levels are low and the sulfite just swims around, unconverted in your blood and inhibits other enzymes from doing their assigned jobs such as the synthesis of Dopamine and the conversion of said Dopamine to Noradrenaline. I’m not going to go into brain chemistry here as one of the effects of this enzyme impairment is neurological fatigue and after my third soda of the morning, my brain is not only tired, it’s fast asleep.

So what causes your Sulfite Oxidase enzyme to be low? Such things as heavy metals and Sulfa Drugs, inherited genetic damage, vitamin B-12 deficiency, asthmatic inhalants and many antibiotics, etc.
Tell you what. If you experience any of these symptoms after eating or drinking anything with sulfites in it, you may want to switch to water, not tap water though, that’s a whole other story:

* If you become tired after consuming one of these products
* If you cough after ingesting sulfites, due to impairment of lung ATP energy.
* You develop low blood sugar levels. Sulfites disrupt blood sugar regulation.
* If you get a headache after ingesting sulfites.
* Itching or reddening of the skin.

Enough already, this is an article lamenting the fact that I can’t eat anything that taste worth a darn anymore!

It’s pretty crazy that potatoes, even in their raw form are just terrible for you. Their simple sugars quickly convert to glucose that raises insulin levels and basically ruin your health. Cook them in hot oil full of trans fats and you have produced another nasty cancer causing substance called acrylamide. For a great book on trans fat and "edible oil" secrets, visit my website at the end of this article.

I’m not even going to talk about fried shrimp, oysters, clams and other delectable under sea goodies just full of mercury and parasites, It’s just to depressing.

Sorry about the gloom and doom. I’m getting older and need to start taking better care of myself. The "Golden Years" my foot! Take me back to the days when I could eat ice cream plopped right in a big ol’ glass of root beer and not worry about a thing. Ah, the good old days of our ignorant youth.

Anyway, I’ve compiled a list of more than thirty health books covering a broad range of pesky ailments and afflictions I’m sure to come across through my journey into old age. Check them out at my website when you get a chance, they could save your life! Here’s to your health…What’s that? You say alcohol is bad for me to? You have got to be kidding me!!

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