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It Is Necessary To Drink 1,5 Liter Of Water Per Day = FALSE
It is in any case what two researchers of the university of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia affirm. According to the study that they have just published to drink 1,5 liter of water per day is needlessly.
Professor De Leval, urologist at the university of Liege (Belgium) does not say really another thing. "it is true that it is necessary to urinate between 1 liter and a liter and half per day" explain the professor. "and that if you urinate 1 liter, it is necessary to drink of them two liter. And if you drink coffee, it is still liquid. In fact, if you add entirety with the liquids which are drunk, either via drinks, or via the food, one easily arrives at the quantity that it is necessary to urinate."
"the people who have kidney calculations", according to the Pr. De Leval, "must they drink much more than the others". He refuses nevertheless to quote a figure: all depends on calculations, but also on the quality of water. "certain water, like alkaline water, is better adapted to this problem."
Fibers Should Be eaten = TRUE
"the fibers consumed during the meal will lower the glycemic index", explains the nutritionist Marie-Claire Colyn, "and thus will cause a drop in insulin. And secondary reaction, the fibers will support a more natural satiety and, while consuming some, one is thus likely less to make hypoglycemic reactions."
Lastly, properties for which they are known, "they help to fight against the constipation, especially at the people who are on diet". Besides in this case, the nutritionist advises fibers in tablets, for example, beet fibers, who agrees particularly well the laziest intestines.
"For people who are not on diet", follows Marie-Claire Colyn, "the ideal, it is with the breakfast of the wholewheat bread with small whole grains, oleaginous seeds... Or of cereals like the muesli, most possible complete possible, to which one can add fruits, which contain also fibers. And with the other meals, always two vegetables, a raw and a cooked."
Other than there is not overly plenty of danger to eat overly plenty of fibers?
"If, single might expand, also to to appetite to sip additional, as the fibers know plenty of additional irrigate. Citizenry will sense it will sense to advance: inside addition to they will troth inflamed a small, they are possible to undergo minute cramps."
To eat 5 Fruit In addition to Vegetables According to Daylight hours = Right
It is basic actually, on the entire, to eat 5 fruit also to vegetables according to daylight, but and the blend of two fruits also to three vegetables.
"the fruits accommodate sugar", explains Damien Pauquet, nutritionist-dietitian. "There are citizenry who eat six fruits according to daylight also to then which is amazed to achieving chubbiness, but it is totally average: they know overly plenty of sugar.
For a matter of fact, if one pays attention to his weight, it is necessary to limit bananas and grapes, they are the most sweetened fruits. Then, if one consumes too many fruits and too many vegetables also besides, especially very believed, one is extremely likely to have problems with the intestines. And if one eats too many acid fruits, or certain vegetables as the asparagus's, one will have problems of acidity: that for example will maintain a tendinitis, or will cause heartburn ".
Because the relaxation, the watchword is different. The expedient inside the guide of behold of Damien Pauquet it is to differ the colors inside the plate, as that suggests each occasion abundant resources. Yew is basic to provide to the honor leguminous vegetation just like beans, chicken-peas, general beans..., rich inside proteins also to fine because fitness. Finally, not to eat whatever also to any occasion: the citrus fruits are adventurous. Single achieves not eat an orange the evening, nor of kiwi because case in point. They are fruits of the dawn.
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