The magnificent seven food trends to 2013 - Management briefing released the market report "The magnificent seven food trends to 2013 - Management briefing" ( that provides information related to the various companies and sectors around the world.

While health, convenience and indulgence (dubbed 'the three megatrends') continue to dominate growth strategies within the global food industry, a number of emerging trends are also making a significant impact on communications, new product development (NPD) and consumers' purchasing habits. This briefing offers insight and perspective on seven of the many food trends currently influencing manufacturers, retailers and consumers in the global marketplace, including functional foods, Über-convenience and ethnic influences.

Table of Contents :


Megatrend 1: Beyond health – functional foods

Megatrend 2: Über-convenience

Megatrend 3: ‘Posh nosh’

Megatrend 4: Ethnic influences and fusion flavours

Megatrend 5: Halal food

Megatrend 6: Sustainability
Recruiting ‘sustainability managers’
Being seen and heard
Case study: No Catch

Megatrend 7: Naturally good for you

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