The Worst Foods In The World

There are many different and varied foods in the world, all kinds of exotic tastes and preferences come into play when people choose their meal as they look to expand their world knowledge. Some of these foods are disasters as people push the experiment too far. However some of the worst foods are the most well-known. Horrible things that people eat and claim are good astound me as they leave me retching in disgust.

Vinegar. People in Britain pour this stuff on chips to try and somehow enhance the flavour. I can't think of anything worse. Vinegar is quite possibly the most disgusting thing that people put in their mouths, it smells foul, it tastes foul and it even looks bad. It's a thin brown liquid with an evil consistency that somehow manages to sneak its way into places where you thought you'd be safe. Probably the worst thing about vinegar is the smell which ensures that even if you manage to avoid its clutches you have to put up with the stench from someone else that has chosen to smother their food with it.

Mayonnaise, just look at it. Why anyone wants to eat mayonnaise is beyond me. Kind of creamy white and slimy it has an untrustworthy and devious wobble if you poke it. I don't like foods that wobble. If you choose to put mayonnaise on anything it somehow manages to find itself smeared onto everything, underneath the plate, on your cutlery and even on your shirtsleeves. It is like a spreading disease as it infects your meal with vomit-inducing results. Never trust mayonnaise, and never eat it either.

If you thought mayonnaise was bad, and you should, then the next thing is even worse. Coleslaw. Coleslaw is the worst invention by mankind ever. It is a horrific mix of mayonnaise and shredded vegetables. Just looking at it makes me feel sick. What makes it so wrong is the amount that people seem to insist on eating as well as the fact that it gets put on the most inappropriate food. Quite why when you order a burger in a pub they feel it necessary to dump half a ton of this white mess on your plate is beyond me. It gets everywhere, probably due to its high mayonnaise content. It also smells bad. I think part of the reason that coleslaw is so unappealing is it sounds like cold sore, a kind of mouth disease or something.

These foods are just scratching the surface of what people eat but shouldn't. To me they sum up the kind of food that is added to something else whether you like it or not and just serves to foul up your entire meal and render it inedible. When ordering food just make sure you specify that you don't want any vinegar, mayonnaise or coleslaw and you won't go wrong. If you don't the next thing you know you'll be given coleslaw with your ice cream, and no one wants that.

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