UK Food Market Continues To Go Up

As consumers continue to embrace healthy eating habits, the organic food market of UK continues to ascend. The UK market is worth £1.7 Billion and in 2007 is expected to grow further by 5%.

The consumer's health can be improved by means of diet. This is the common survey of more than 8 out of 10 consumers. Although a third of England consumers assert that they have selected more natural & organic food & drinks over standard alternatives over the year passed by.

UK will be one of the largest diet markets in Europe, with UK consumers breaking the barricade and spending in excess of £5 Billion on diet products.

In the organic sector the rate of innovative product development is increasing quickly, awareness of consumers towards nutrition has risen, and value & volume sales of health foods have escalated over the last five years.

The tactics to minimize future opportunities & shapes into development of new products in prime markets like UK, US, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific.

Therefore health remains the biggest concern in the consumer's mind while purchasing products and Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine, is gaining in importance with Food and Beverage.

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