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One of the top brands of vacuum food sealer is FoodSaver. Tilia (FoodSaver) requires 'Channel Bags'. These are custom manufactured for Tilia by 'Sorbent Systems'. They are multilayer bags specially formulated to hold a vacuum.

My Foodsaver is too old to even have a model number. It works as well as the day I bought it. It is heavier then an anvil, but it works as advertised and it has a vacuum port for accessories. The only ones I have are adapters to evacuate 'Mason jars'. Food bacterias do not live in a high vacuum. I don't use my 'FoodSaver' anymore. My FoodSaver will thoroughly crush an aluminum soda can.

Another brand of vacuum sealer is the Sinbo VS 280 from Sorbent Systems. It uses a vacuum system different then Tilia. It is a snorkel system. That is, it has a very flat retractable tube that inserts into the top of the bag allowing a seal to occur that will support evacuating the bag. It will evacuate and seal 'Ziploks' quite successfully. Howver 'Ziploks' are not strong enough nor are they designed to hold a vacuum. My VS280 will also crush an aluminum can, but possibly not quite as flat as the Foodsaver does. The difference is hard to tell. I have no idea what the vacuum is in mm Hg. I see no difference in longevity in the freezer.

You can get 6" X 8" and 8" X 12" bags from Sorbent Systems in quanties of 400 (200 each). These bags are at least as reliable as the Tilia bags and far cheaper. I don't bother to wash them out and I use a lot of them. Like the Tilia bags, my typical method of reheating vacuumed, frozen food is to put a bag into a pot of water and boil it for a few minutes. Beware of allowing your machine to ingest fluids into the vacuum motor. My VS280 has gone belly up for that reason. (Damn demon rum). I will order a new one tomorrow. They are reasonably priced the last time I looked. I may query the company about getting mine repaired, but they don't seem to have much support for this little machine.

My first sealer was a Tilia (FoodSaver) and the one I now own is a Black & Decker (B&D). Although they say you can use "most bags from other manufacturers", I found the gallon-sized Tilia bags were 1/2 inch WIDER and not easily useable. Comparing the 2 machines, my overall vote would go to the Tilia (FoodSaver); it was faster and the bags seemed to stay sealed better. My B&D has problems with the larger bags of their own. They just don't seal as well.

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