Marinades Improve The Taste Of Any Meal

Marinades are another popular liquid concoction used to boost the flavor of meats for cooking. It is often the best solution to treat dry, tough meats as the combination of ingredients helps break down meat tissues and fat. Meats soaked in a marinade remain tender even after being cooked on a hot grill. There is a wide variety of marinade products available online and in supermarkets, wherein each type is used specifically for a certain type of meat. Of course, there are also those all-around marinades that are just perfect for just about anything you can place on a grill.

Tips for using Marinades

If you are in a hurry and want meat like pork or beef to soak up the taste of your marinade quick, cut the meat into thinner slices. If time is not of the essence, let it soak in the marinade longer or even overnight. The marinade will then help tenderize the meat as well as enhance the flavor. Tender meats such as chicken and seafood, on the other hand, should be soaked for under an hour in marinades to enhance the natural flavor without destroying the meat.

Meats soaked in marinades should be placed in the refrigerator until it is ready to be cooked. Use the leftover marinade as a basting sauce while grilling. Preferably, leftover marinade should not be kept to avoid any food poisoning. However, if you really must, be sure to boil the marinade first in order to kill any bacteria that may have been left behind from the earlier soak.

Nothing Like Hot Marinades to Spice Up Meals!

Hot and spicy dishes are easy to make. If you need to watch your weight and cut down on salt, spicy dishes are an excellent choice. The flavors and heat replace the need for salt and other high-calorie ingredients. Hot marinades come in bottled or powdered varieties and are very convenient to purchase. Marinade products come in a dizzying assortment of flavors so stocking up on hot marinades can be truly handy. Marinades are extremely versatile too. You can use them on any meat product, whether it's chicken, pork, beef, lamb or fish so make sure to have them in your pantry at all times!

Hot Marinades, Why Not Make Your Own?

When watching your weight, make sure you use marinades that don't have fatty ingredients. You can also use your favorite high-calorie marinade, but you should use only a little. Adding Tabasco sauce or minced peppers can add more flavors without the fat. Marinades that contain vinegar, lemon, and acidic juices (most low-calorie marinades have this) are said to be good in tenderizing the meat. Hot marinades, on the other hand, because of their strong flavor, require little time to flavor meats.

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