Think Of The Best Meal

Can you remember sitting at the dining table in eager anticipation of what was to come, you had just walked in the house and the smell exploded in your nose. Close your eyes and see if you can smell it now, just take your self back for a few minutes.

"How long mum?" would have been the question. Just enough time to wash your hands and run back to the table, the whole family sitting down, battling each other to get in their seats. Fighting, arguing, talking, then comes the silence as it’s served, close your eyes and just see it being delivered to the table, how the fantastic aroma, assaults your nose, and the presentation, feeds your eyes, and now you can taste it, wow, can you taste it? Wasn’t it just THE best ever.

That is YOUR memory, as each of us will differ with the meal in question, but each and everyone of us would agree with the outcome, nobody cooks like mum did. How many different memories of that same meal, do you have, different occasions, different people at the table, but that there same meal, you can taste it just as I can taste mine as I write this.

Well now for your just reward, for thinking of that memory, which I can almost guarantee you did, I am going to give to you for FREE, a cookbook, of over 200 recipes "Mothers Original Recipe’s" all of the recipe’s have been handed down by word of mouth, so now you can recreate your own favorites time and time again.

Just visit my Only Good Food website to download your free copy, but most of all ENJOY.

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