How to Find Restaurants On-the-Go?

So, you’ve landed up in Philadelphia and your taste buds are tempted to relish Thai food and you’ve no clue where to dine? It’s not a problem, if you are carrying a cell phone. The latest technological advancements gets you restaurant reviews on-the-go in your mobile phone.

Let’s look at it from a different perspective. You are travelling on business or for pleasure and you are hungry. Since the place is not familiar, it’s difficult to judge by appearances what choice of food you are likely to get, also the hygiene and restaurant bill matters. Then there’s also the time constraint to reach your destination – that calls for quick service at the restaurant you choose.

Carrying your furry friend (pets) along too? So you need a pet-friendly restaurant. Also looking for some service station or refueling station nearby? With so many specifications in mind, that too in a strange new land – sounds difficult if you can get it all. Thanks to restaurant search engines. They not just spruce up your search on the web but also give you mobile search facilities.

Vertical mobile search applications have made the search for a restaurant guide smarter. Boorah, a restaurant search engine also provides a mobile restaurant review guide in partnership with 4INFO, a leading provider of SMS/ text messaging services. This guide provides a smarter way to find great restaurants throughout the San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York metro areas. BooRah extends its restaurant reviews and ratings via its Syndicated Reviews Platform to the mobile phone.

Consumers can achieve their ideal dining experience while on the go with easy text-based searches for the best-reviewed local restaurants from any cell phone. The service offers users a quick and easy way to find the best nearby restaurants. This provides restaurant owners a new way to promote their business.

Users who desire the most useful information no matter where they are can get so at their finger tips. The evolving mobile search provider gives highly relevant restaurant reviews and rating information right to the consumer's cell phone. This service actually transforms millions of online restaurant reviews from across the Web into short, concise summaries and in-depth ratings.

Users need to just text their zip code and keywords to receive reviews on the restaurants in the area they are traveling. Test a message like "Mexican BooRah 94306", and that will pull a list of all BooRah listed Mexican cuisine restaurants that are in 94306 zip code. Alternately users can also type in "romantic BooRah Palo Alto, CA" and that will present a list of the more romantic places in Palo Alto. Such lists are generated by BooRah’s Natural Language Processing powered Personalized Search algorithms and are delivered by 4INFO messaging platform.

Some local restaurant review sites also provide mobile search service, but they pile up nearly 150 reviews on the users mobile browser. On the other hand, BooRah sends reviews in an easy to read cell phone text message format after doing all the word crunching. Because user reviews are one the best ways to judge a restaurant, as "wisdom of crowd" matters and technology makes you get these reviews on-the-go.

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