Londons Best 10 Restaurants

If you are looking for the best in dining experiences when visiting London then look no further then the list compiled below. With these top restaurants, you will be sure to have the best meals ever.

1. Christopher's -The American Grill- The name says it all. This is a great place with American food and all at affordable prices. With their sophisticated atmosphere, you will instantly feel very important and pampered.

2. The Gun (Gastro) - This is considered one of the best spots in the Docklands. This is deliciously located right on the water and they serve up a well-rounded menu with such foods as Timbale of Crab, Welch lamb, cucumber gazpacho and avocado mousse. You can be sure to see wonderful sites and get a great meal with impeccable service.

3. Maze (French) Eating at this restaurant will truly be a wonderful experience. No matter what you choose to go with for your eating pleasure, you will be sure to pick something delightful. The well-trained staff makes you feel very much at home and well taken care of.

4. Stef's (Italian) Stefs offers a wonderfully fun atmosphere for the whole family. You will be sure to get a delectable meal here and at a great price. Chef Stef loves to greet his customers almost as much as he loves to create delicious treats. From Pizza to prawn risotto, you will not be disappointed.

5. Terra (Mediterranean) You can be sure that you are well taken care of in this delightful place. The staff will help to get you relaxed and ready for a unique dining experience. The menu has so many items to choose from that you will be sure to have a hard time picking just one favorite. You might love the lamb burgers that are stuffed with mozzarella cheese and covered with a balsamic vinegar, honey, mint, and raspberry sauce or you may decide that you can't live without one of the many vegetarian dishes.

6. Clos Maggiore (French) This is truly a dining experience that you will not soon forget. It offers an understated elegance that will have you wanted to come back again. Couple that with their spectacular menu and you will make this the restaurant, the top restaurant on your list for London dining. They take great pride in giving their food so much attention so that you will enjoy every bite as if it was the first.

7. Awana (Malaysian) This Malaysian restaurant offers top of the line service and superb food. Many people describe the food here as literally melting in your mouth. It is hard to try to leave room for after dinner desserts and cocktails.
8. Michael Moore (Modern European)The service here is, to say the least, perfect. They offer you just the right combination of attentiveness with an efficient and friendly attitude. The menu at Michael Moore's has something for everyone. They present each meal perfectly so that the food is not only pleasing for the palate but also the eye.

9. Gordon Ramsay's Boxwood Cafe (Modern European) Each meal here, is totally decedent. You can be sure that your server will be absolutely professional but with just the right hint of humor to help you relax for a wonder meal. The prices are right for any wallet.
10. Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's (Modern European) - The staff at Gordon Ramsay, will take the time to make you feel right at home as they cater to your hunger. Not only are the staff friendly but they are also very knowledgeable of all the food that is served here. The menu will leave you thinking that each dish is truly the best there is.

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