Proper Dining Etiquette To Attract Single Women

This week we will focus on proper dining etiquette when out on a date with a woman. Correct table manners are very important, especially on your first and second dates with a woman. You will be judged and if you have bad table manners, she may not even want to date you again. Don't let anything spoil your chances with scoring with single women such as bad table manners which are easily corrected. Listed here is the proper dining etiquette when on a dinner date with women:

->Be sure and make reservations if you are going to a fancy or popular restaurant. It's very embarrassing to show up without reservations and having to wait an hour or two for a table. Also, be sure a check to see if they have a dress code and dress properly. Be sure and tell your date in advance what to wear.

->When your food comes don't gobble your food down like you haven't eaten in a week. Eat at a moderate pace so you will have more time for conversation. It makes a bad impression if you gobble down your food and you spend the rest of the time watching your date eat.

->Be sure and use your napkin and place it in your lap. Do not tuck it in your belt or use it as a bib.

->When being seated do not allow them to place you in "bad" spots such as noisy areas, next to the restrooms, by the front or back door, areas with a bad atmosphere, etc.

->Do not slurp your soup, smack your lips, or chew with your mouth open. Nothing is more unsightly than watching someone talk and chew their food at the same time.

->Should you order for your date? If you are at a classy restaurant, you should order for your date. Ask her in advance what she wants and when the waiter or waitress comes, order for her. This makes a good impression on women.

->When eating insert your fork straight in your mouth. Do not place your fork in the side of your mouth. This increases the chances of you dropping your food on your table and that's embarrassing.

->If you get food stuck in your mouth do not pick it out with your fingers or fork at the table. Excuse yourself and go to the restroom and get it out with a toothpick.

->Be sure and leave at least a 15% tip (unless the service is bad). Single women will judge you on your tipping habits. If you are cheap it can make a bad impression on them. Don't whip out a pen and paper or calculator to calculate the tip, it could leave an impression on her that you are "cheap." Here's an easy way to do it in your head. Let's say that your bill comes to $45.10. Move the decimal point one place to the left ( this will come to $4.51 which is 10% of the bill). Now divide $4.51 by 2 which will give you $2.25. Now add $4.51 + $2.25 = $6.76 in your head and this will give you a 15% tip. That wasn't so hard was it?

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