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Inside Out Restaurant is a top class Restaurant located in Phillip St Parramatta. Inside Out Restaurant (Restaurant in Parramatta) established in the Sydney dining scene since 1996. The restaurant has undergone a major refurbishment to ensure full dining experience. The restaurant has several accolades, which only highlights the good work by the team at Inside Out. The staff has also served with us for many years thus when looking for that familiar face, you can be assured you will find it at Inside Out.
Bringing good food and service to the west is what Inside Out is all about. A fresh, clean environment with heaps of personality on the floor and an enthused kitchen can only produce a good meal. Feel relax on outside terrace or enjoy a meal inside our bright and airy restaurant. The Restaurant also have a sit in bar and lounge.
The bar has plenty of space for comfort and allows you to have a private meeting whilst waiting to be seated or have a little snack and a beverage if you don’t feel like a full meal.
The Private Room can seat a group of up to 35 in three tables along side by side or a large conference style table that can seat up to 26 people. It has been equipped to allow for DVD, video or Powerpoint presentations. It also has its own outdoor area where your group can spill over to should they wish to sit outside for a while. The room has proven to be extremely popular though early bookings are needed and holding deposits may be requested.
We look forward to seeing you very soon, and remember you need to book early if you need a private room to do business or have a presentation during your meal. You can also do booking online by filling form. You can email us at or call us at 02 9687-9045. To know more about Parramatta Restaurant, Visit Inside Out Restaurant for more

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Inside Out Restaurant (Restaurant in Parramatta)is a top class Restaurant located in Phillip St Parramatta.