Ten Most Popular Restaurants

All of us love to eat out. You can eat cuisines like Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Indian or junk food like pizzas, burgers, French fries or various kinds of drinks. The options are literally limitless. You can opt for the dishes that you love or try out new and different kind of dishes. Eating out is like an adventure and every time can be an entirely different and wholesome experience. So when the time comes to discuss the ten most popular restaurants, it is a very tough call. People across the world have different food tastes and enjoy different kind of restaurants and cuisines.

If you can a pizza lover than you would look forward to Pizza Hut or Dominos every time you step out to eat. If instead you like burgers and similar delights then Burger king and McDonalds may feature in your favorite joints. If you are fond of cafes then may be Starbucks and Barista are two of the names you can count on.

A survey was conducted to decide the ten most popular fast food joints. Here are the ones that are at the top when people of United States were asked this question:

• 23% Wendy’s
• 12% Taco Bell
• 12% McDonald’s
• 11% Burger King
• 8% KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
• 3% Jack in the Box
• 3% Long John Silver’s

There was a time way back in the 1999 when McDonalds was the undisputed leader of this kind, but now things have changed. Not only have more joints sprung up there is also a big "anti-McDonalds" sentiment in a lot of health conscious people.

Then there also is a category of people who do not prefer fast foods at all. Though they do eat out occasionally, but fast food isn’t on their menu. It is hard to come up with popular restaurants in this category but we can surely tell you about the best ones.

According to the "Restaurant Magazine" chose a list of 50 places worth visiting. These included restaurants, bars and eating joints of various kinds from the world over. The criteria were food, ambiance and service among other things. Here is the list of their ten favorite ones:

1. El Bulli – Spain: This is an exclusive restaurant with only a seating of 50 people. It only opens for dinner between April to December and has received the honor of being world’s best restaurant many times.

2. The Fat Duck – UK: They are open between Tuesday and Sunday for lunch (12-2) and dinner (7-9:30). You can choose between the tasting menu and the a la carte menu here.

3. Pierre Gagnaire – France: This restaurant is one of its kind and very unique. It is named after the owner and chef of the place. It is known for its innovative and exotic dishes.

4. The French Laundry – USA: It is open for dinner seven days a week but for lunch only on the weekends. They have two menus that are changed daily.

5. Tetsuya’s – Australia: It is open from Tuesdays to Sundays for dinner from 6pm and only on Saturdays for lunch from 12 pm. It is famous for amazing Japanese cuisine.

6. Bras – France: It is known around the world for Gargouillou de Jeunes Légumes which is a vegetable dish and considered the best in the world.

7. Mugaritz – Spain: Known for unique and remarkable duck recopies.

8. Le Louis XV – Monaco: This has a very elaborate and stunning ambiance and that is what gives it a royal touch. The food is tasty yet simple.

9. Per Se – USA: Based on the design of the French Laundry and known for serving some great food.

10. Arzak – Spain: It is a unique restaurant known for its experimental approach towards food.

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