Top 10 Budget Restaurants in London

Londoners enjoy eating out regularly and the city’s famous multiculturalism means it’s almost possible to try a different type of cuisine everyday! From Turkish to Thai, Russian to Brazilian, there is no end of choices available.

As a budget traveler staying in a London hostel, it is important to be able to enjoy a good meal without spending too much money, and although the British capital is notoriously expensive, there are also a good number of cheap places to eat around the city.


There are lots of Greek restaurants around London and The Real Greek is one of the best. The chain has branches in locations including Clerkenwell, Covent Garden, Hoxton and Marylebone. The atmosphere here is informal, the food delicious and the bill affordable.

As Greek As It Gets in Earl's Court is also an attractive option; it's a young, friendly joint and the food is always served fresh. The pastitsio and mixed platter are perennial favorites.

For those who prefer to save a little extra and take some Greek dinner back to their hostels in London, Daphne in Camden Town also offers a takeaway option.


Lahore Kebab House on Brick Lane is without doubt one of London's best Indian/Pakistani restaurants. Located near Aldgate East, it is full every night of the week. It's dirt cheap and, like many of the budget curryhouses on and around Brick Lane, invites guests to bring their own wine – helping travelers save yet again.

Masala Zone is a smallish chain of Indian restaurants around London with branches in Earl's Court, Islington and Camden Town. The chain serves up traditional dishes - including thali - in a modern setting.

Alternatively, you could head to Bangalore Express which is just opposite Waterloo Station. It's a great place to have a meal after a show at the Old Vic and the cuisine is from south India – meaning there are dishes like dosas (a rice and lentil crepe) to choose from.


A good, cheap option for Chinese is Green Cottage on Finchley Road. Although it may look a little dingy from the outside, the food is authentic and affordable.

Alternatively, there are the dozens of restaurants in Chinatown. One of the best is Baozi Inn which serves food from the streets of Sichuan and Beijing.

There’s also Harbour City, which has been around for years and although the menu hasn't changed much over time, the food has remained delectable.


A trip to London isn't complete without a good British meal. The best place to head for ‘classic’ dishes such as sausage and mash and fish finger sandwiches is the S&M Café on Essex Road in Islington.

Of course, though, fish and chips are available from countless takeaways, whilst most pubs offer cheap roast dinners on a Sunday all across the city!

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