Toronto Restaurants offer a cultural culinary variety

Like its rich historical and cultural background, Toronto has also a cultural variety regarding its culinary tastes. The Toronto’s restaurant grid goes from European like the Italian and French cuisine among many others cuisine over to the Asian like the Thai and Japanese cuisine among a variety of many other cuisines from all over the world. The cookery goes from the high class restaurants to the fast-food variety of the Toronto’s multicultural community. It is a delight to taste all the flavors in a marathon of international cuisine.

Toronto is one of the best examples of the world’s cosmopolitan cities, where you can experience an exciting tour of the international cuisine, where you can sit in a fancy restaurant or can have some food to-go. If you want to live such an experience you have to go to the Toronto’s restaurants in St. Lawrence Market and Kensington. In St. Lawrence Market you can find some of the best Italian restaurants like Mustachio’s, Toba, Hot House Café and Old Spaghetti Factory. Because it is in the centre of the Old Town, it is the ideal place for a Sunday to take a brunch in town like the one at the Le Petit Dejeuner. Beside these restaurants everyone can find his favorite dishes and enjoy their meal, because here you can find stalls that can offer you from cheese to fish over to a variety of sandwiches.

Kensington Market offers another feature of Toronto’s culinary diversity like the Mediterranean kitchen at Margarita’s Fiesta Room, the Latin American kitchen at Jumbo Empanadas, the Tapas cuisine at Torito Tapas Bar. But also the Indian cuisine at Waterfalls Tapas Bar as well as other delicacies from the Jamaican, Persian and Trinidadian cuisine like meat patties, falafel and organic ice creams. It is one of the places with the least pretentious food scene you can ever find.

Toronto restaurants make you hard to remain on one kind of a dish even if it is your favorite. So it is worth to experience the cuisine diversity which Toronto is offering. So you can experience exquisite flavors in the Bodega Restaurant, which is specialized in French cuisine with seafood highlights in their menu, where their signature dish is Vegetarian Ravioli stuffed butternut squash and mascarpone, ratatouille and a ragout of wild mushrooms. Another one is King’s Noodle Restaurant Toronto where they offer fresh Chinese food in a variety of dishes with a specialty in noodles and where you can take the meal at huge round tables. Or you can go to the Bombay Palace, where you can experience haute Indian cuisine at the best prices.

If you want to have a short strolling among Toronto restaurants you should go on the King Street where you can have some sushi at the Blowfish, some steak at Freds not Here Smokehouse and some Japanese at Mizu Japanese Cuisine Oyster House or the Crush, a wine bar where it is permanently full. If you want to take some Greek dishes, you should go along the Danforth, where you can taste the souvlaki and spanakopita until the early hours of the morning. There is also a restaurant Toronto is proud to have thatnsk to its Latin American and Mediterranean menu with Spanish influence, the Babaluu Suuper Club.

Among Toronto’s restaurants you can find also native Canadian dishes, like the ones served at Canoe Bar & Restaurant, which is placed at the 54th floor of the TD Bank Tower where you can have a spectacular view over the city and it serves authentic Canadian regional cuisine including some exotic dishes like roast hind of Yukon caribou. Or you can serve continental dishes with a spectacular view at the 360 Restaurant at the top of the CN Tower which has a rotating room. Another special location is La Maquette, a romantic restaurant overlooking a sculpture garden with a waterfall.

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