A Look At The Recipes And Variants For Preparing Salsbury Steak

One of the most popular Southern American dishes, Salsbury steak makes part of the local culinary flavor; served with grilled onions and gravy, this dish is very commonly called "country fried steak". Though traditionally known as a steak, this is actually some form of hamburger made of ground beef and lots of seasonings. There are plenty of recipes and variants for preparing the Salsbury steak, and one is often more rewarding and delicious than the other: the ingredients range from cheese fillings and mushrooms to corn flakes. Though the seasonings and the dressings that accompany a Salsbury steak may be different there are some ingredients that cannot miss from the composition.

Make sure that the ground beef you buy for the Salsbury steak be lean enough for your taste; you will also need eggs, bread crumbs, onions and some rice. Some recipes also include further grated vegetables in the composition such as raw potatoes and carrots, and this combination also works fine. The egg is a must have ingredient of all Salsbury steak types since it makes the ground meat and the rest of the components stick together. Pepper powder, chilly and green parsley are the seasonings that work best for the matter, and you could also drop some garlic too.

Divide the meat into even portions according to the number of people you are going to serve, and make some patties. In the meantime heat some vegetable oil or butter in a frying pan and add the patties; it will take no longer than five minutes of cooking on each side before the Salsbury steak is ready. Take the patties out and keep them covered with an aluminum foil so that they remain warm while you prepare the sauce and the side dish. Varying from one recipe to another, this is when things get different. Let's see what to do for a mushroom sauce to serve with the Salsbury steak.

Either canned or fresh mushrooms can be used for the Salsbury steak, you'll only need to sear them in butter, add some Worcestershire sauce or Dijon mustard, spices and a small cup of water. The cooking time depends on the kind of mushrooms you are using: usually the canned ones are prepared faster but they don't have the same aroma. Two or three minutes before taking the mushroom sauce from the stove, add the Salsbury steak to the composition and let them boil together. For anyone who'd like to have the Salsbury steak a little crisp, simply pour the dressing over it.

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