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This is the beginning of an on going discussion on mail order steaks and my personal experiences throughout to better inform people in my opinion why I think we should all buy steaks online. A great steak makes all the difference and that is why steaks are my favorite food to eat. I love the process of seasoning, to marinating, to barbequing and the best part eating your mouth-watering masterpiece. To begin your steak experience a little bit about the hierarchy of steaks just so you will know what type of steak will taste better for you and which ones to choose based on your budget and which ones to avoid regardless of money. I will get into types of steaks and how to barbeque foods i.e. steak later, but for now let me focus on how to buy steaks online.

Time and time again with more and more disappointing trips to the grocery store to buy steaks and looking through what seems like an endless row of meat to select from had to come to and end or in the very least something please change. I guess you could get the so-called qualified butcher from the back of the deli to come and help you but…. the average person does not do this. So you try and pick the best pre-packaged steak that hopefully was packaged that day but who really knows when and go your way. Then you drive home from the grocery store all excited to prepare the steak for barbequing and when you sit down to eat and take that first bite you find out how disappointing that whole process was as the quality and taste of your grocery store bought steak was such at a minimal that you might as well have cooked it in the microwave.

Ok ok, you might be thinking at this point no problem I will just go to my butcher who is a friend of the family and has the best meat from here to mainland China and so on and so forth…..right? Well I might beg to differ, let me explain. What if the owner of the meat shop or the person you know is not around, well your next obvious thing to do is talk to the next available attendant. Now, it’s not as personal and you kind of just pick the first steak that you see so you get on your way and not look to dazed in front of the attendant as a well established butchery will be busy probably with a small lineup to deal with. As you drive home, you think to yourself I wish I would of got the porterhouse or the bacon wrapped filet mignon instead, shucks. At least on the up side of this whole ordeal the steak that you bought from this butcher should not disappoint after you have cooked it because of the stores reputation. The problem here though is who wants to go through that every other time.

To be continued……….

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