Fresh Meat for Steak Tartar

Frequently mistaken for a hamburger, steak tartar is a dish made of raw ground beef and lots of vegetables and seasonings. The entire preparation process relies on the thin slicing of the meat as well as on the wine marinade that is necessary for it. It is served only after previous chilling, and it makes a true delight of the senses together with fresh rye bread.

Given the fact that fresh raw meat is very easily alterable and the risk of bacterial infections is pretty high, steak tartar has lost many fans. Instead of having it at the restaurant and be in doubt about the quality, it is better to make it at home when you rely on the fact that the meat you bought from the market is really fresh.

In many cases people have taken the habit of cooking the chopped meat until it loses the pinkish color, but this is not at all faithful to the steak tartar spirit. Possibly the safest way to prepare this dish while eliminating the potentially dangerous bacteria, is by using a lime juice marinade that has the unique property of partly killing microbes. This steak tartar recipe is traditionally cooked in Mexico, and it relies on the known antiseptic properties of lime juice.

The famous steak tartar is actually the predecessor of the hamburgers that have spread everywhere from Germany. Many people usually make the tartar steak at home as the process is reduced to very simple steps: marinating the meat, combining it with spices and letting it chill. Moreover, mixing the ground beef with raw egg is also very common just like adding cheese toppings too.

Restaurants have adopted a policy that specifies the preparation of the steak tartar next to the customer's table, either by the waiter or by the people who have ordered it. European countries are the ones that favor steak tartar most: in Belgium, the Netherlands or Switzerland it is considered a typical main course traditionally served with French fries or toast with spices. For an enhancement of the dish flavor, green salads are often served together with it.

Steak tartar requires at least two hours in the fridge after being prepared, which makes it pretty difficult to make under the customer's eyes. After cooking, the steak tartar is taken to a refrigerating room or passed through a cooling device that brings it to the correct temperature and consistency right away. This is not supposed to last more than it takes the customers to serve an appetizer.

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