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Very much debated in the gastronomic circles, the difference between a T-bone steak and a Porterhouse steak is still a matter of controversy. Both types of steak use cuts of beef and contain strip loin and tenderloin on each side of the T-bone; yet, the Porterhouse steak is the one with more tenderloin included. Besides this "differentiation", Porterhouse steak makes one of the most appreciated ways of cooking beef in the world. It's a quality dish due to the type of very fine meat required for preparation, so you can be sure to pay a lot more money for a larger tenderloin like that of a Porterhouse steak than for any other meat cut.

For anyone who wants to prepare Porterhouse steak at home, there are several variants of cooking to choose from; yet, the most well known are grilling and broiling. The good news here is that you don't have to tenderize the meat as it would have been necessary for any other beef cut, since the type of t-bone used for the Porterhouse steak is pretty soft already. There is one big issue to take into consideration here, since a Porterhouse steak actually consists of two kinds of meat, each will cook differently from the other.

The tenderloin will be the first to cook, whereas the meat near the bone will require more time to reach the final preparation stage. Don't worry about this at all, as the problem solves by itself when you move the Porterhouse steak to a medium fire. First, start by putting the meat on the hottest place of the grill or the cooking pan, let it cook for about two minutes on each side, and afterwards, change the fire intensity to a lower level. This should not take more than five to seven minutes to cook, as an overall time; precisely since the Porterhouse steak should be served medium rare. If you try to cook it better, there are high chances that it won't remain soft and toughen unpleasantly.

Porterhouse steak works great when served with fried mushrooms and a spicy tomato sauce. There is another Italian recipe that uses Tuscan beans as the side dish while the seasoning is made only with olive oil, black pepper and salt; for an increased savor of the dish, lemon wedges are also served with the Porterhouse steak. If you don't have all the ingredients for preparing such a dish, and you're very eager to try it, go to an Italian restaurant where it is more than sure you'll satisfy the craving.

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