Skirt Steak Main Modes Of Preparation

Probably the most popular meat type in the world, beef in its many variants is part of almost all traditional cuisines. Not only the very tender parts of meat are highly appreciated, but the tougher ones are equally delicious if you know how to prepare them. This is the case with the so-called skirt steak, that is prepared of meat taken from the belly when the primal cut is made. Given the fact that medium rare serving is not suitable for tough meat, it only goes natural that the cooking time for skirt steak differs from any other beef steak you may have had. The main preparation modes are either marination or braising at a low heat level.

Anyone trying to prepare skirt steak by braising can choose between stewing and pot-roasting, and there are some fundamental and general steps to be followed. First of all, sear the skirt steak into some oil until it seems to get crispy, some vegetables added together with the meat work great for the flavor they bring to the combination. Stop searing when these ingredients have also got a brownish color; afterwards, you can add some wine, vinegar sauce or tomatoes over the skirt steak and leave it on a low heat level until it is tender enough. When preparing a skirt steak it is definitely best to get cooking a few hours before lunch or dinner, since meat tenderizing will take pretty long time.

Another way of preparing skirt steak is by marinating the meat for a few hours before cooking. The traditional American recipe includes the use of lime juice and spices for the marinade. The larger the number of skirt steak servings the more limes you will need, yet the general proportion is about one lime per slice of meat. Spices like pepper and garlic are added to the combination as well as salt; it is good to let the meat tenderize over night, so that you don't get impatient waiting for hours on end.

One of the best side dishes to be served with skirt steak are mushrooms cooked in olive oil. Before searing the mushrooms, combine a teaspoonful of Worcestershire sauce, with two tablespoonfuls of red wine and an equal quantity of vinegar, add plenty of pepper and a cup of extra-virgin olive oil, and, only then sear the mushrooms. Skirt steak combined with this side dish and rich dressings can only be accompanied by an onion salad; whether served at home or at the restaurant, take a glass of red wine with it, you'll definitely feel like spoiling yourself.

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