Steakhouse Manhattan for the true gourmet

A gourmet’s dream would be to find himself in a quality restaurant where everyday is like an ongoing celebration of exceptional food and wine. And if that person happens to be fond of steak then there is nothing that can compare to a steakhouse Manhattan which is home to the finest quality of aged prime steak. A steakhouse which is also known as a chophouse serves not only the premium quality beef steak cooked to suit your taste but also many other kind of meat according to the preference of the patron. A steakhouse Manhattan is the place where you can indulge in steaks, seafood, ribs, chops, salads and more which have been prepared only with the finest quality ingredients and served in an ambience that compliments the food. Although a steakhouse Manhattan will be usually frequented by a confirmed steak lover but a person can also enjoy other kinds of meat like a hamburger, lamb, pork, game, chicken, barbeque, seafood and even pasta.

Steakhouse Manhattan serves steaks that are grilled, broiled or maybe even pan-fried. Although steaks are usually prepared of beef but they may also be made out of red meat or fish depending on the preference of the patron. Also since steaks are prepared on dry heat so the tenderest parts of the animal is used to prepare a steak in any steakhouse Manhattan. This in turn causes the steaks to be sold at a premium and hence a person who frequents a steakhouse Manhattan is also perceived to be holding a good status in society. Also a steakhouse will usually serve the main course with side dishes according to the choice of the diner. A side dish could be rice, pasta, beans or potatoes. Usually a small serving of cooked vegetable also accompanies the main dish and the side dish. The vegetables that are usually preferred are spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and onion rings. At times only a green salad may be served with the steak.

A Steakhouse Manhattan also serves popular accompaniments such as prawns or lobster tails with the delicious steaks. The patron also has a choice of alcohol based drinks to add to his eating experience with family, friends or colleagues at any steakhouse Manhattan. The soothing and pleasant ambience only enhances the experience of enjoying your favorite steak at such a steakhouse. The staff is both friendly and helpful and is always willing to guide you with your choice of dishes in case you are experimenting with any particular dish at a steakhouse in Manhattan. Several other kind of food is also called steak without actually being one such as a Swiss steak or a Hamburger (Salisbury) steak. However a true steak lover has many varieties and options of actual steaks to chose from which are as varied as high priced Sirloin steak to a Skirt steak. So if you are a true gourmet and prefer to have your steak rare, medium or well done a steakhouse Manhattan should be your destination of choice.

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