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Ok we are back with our discussion on how to buy steaks online……..

I have been telling you about my first experience with mail order steaks to the point where I became so frustrated with the conventional way of buying steaks. Now I will continue my experience so you can get a better picture and understanding of what I am talking about and I really do believe that once you have tried to buy steaks online from a reputable company, the idea of ordering in bulk like I do now becomes routine.

What I did next is borderline crazy, I mail ordered steaks. At first I didn’t tell anyone as I really thought I would be getting a box of road kill or something not very good at all. I was not to worry about the quality or arrival as there is 100% money back guarantee for any reason and a two-day delivery as well. Go ahead and read the reviews for yourself so you are at ease. Anyways, then the steaks arrived, a day later a might add, four New York Strips. At first my impression was wow this is a cute little box. Then when I opened the box and there were the steaks surrounded by these gel packs, which had thawed but still had the contents just chilled perfectly. But once I reached with my hand to grab them out of the box I found that they had each been individually wrapped into vacuum-sealed packages, cool. I always wondered how they would keep the steaks fresh without spoiling or even worst freezing, now I know and so do you. The steaks came individually wrapped and just perfect for adding a marinade or dry rub or something to that effect. I had a marinade waiting from the day I placed my order so I had the steaks sit in my concoction for a while. A few hours later, time to fire up the barbecue and see what If what I have spent my money on was well worth it or not. At the moment of glory, me taking the first bite, my opinion still was and is till this day, honestly the best steak I have ever had. I mean I am no connoisseur but I do have friends in the cattle ranching business so eating good steak is often and usually discussed in detail. I also must tell you that I ate one of the four steaks by myself to verify first the quality and so my country friends and anyone else I know who loves to barbeque foods wouldn’t completely categorize me as city slicker or think to themselves, oh boy has he lost it now, when I told them.

So what did I do next, what anyone would do who loved their new found gem, spread the word. To start of small though I invited two of my friends who in my opinion are really heavy into cattle ranching with one in particular being an actual steak connoisseur and writes a column in our local flyer. I could really only invite two people as I only had three steaks left. Well to make a long story short, the rants and raves about how good the steak was and which grocery store sold this kind of quality, funny I know. My biggest regret here is I do not have a picture of their faces when I told them I buy steaks online now and have been doing it for a while. The connoisseur friend of mine, in not so many words, told me it would be impossible to get quality this good in mailorder steaks. All I did is show him where I buy steaks online and even gave him a receipt showing the purchase. He now secretly has big backyard barbecues and only a handful of people know exactly where his great steaks are coming from.

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