7 Tips For Preparing Middle Eastern Breads

Making homemade bread is one of the most exciting cooking experiences there is.

If you love cooking, you can upgrade your home cooking by learning how to prepare top quality Middle Eastern breads. Although you can buy commercial Middle Eastern breads, the quality and taste will never come close to your own homemade bread. Imagine the smell of warm pita bread with zaatar filling your house! I can promise you that when your family and friends discover your secret, the breads you bake are guaranteed not to last longer than a few hours.

One of the greatest advantages of Middle Eastern breads is that they are usually soft. This means that you can take pita bread and dip it in olive oil, hummus and tahini - no need for a knife! There are also many regular shaped Middle Eastern breads that you can also learn how to bake.

Anyone who ever made homemade bread knows that bread recipes demand time and energy. However, the quality, taste and pleasure you get when you make your own bread at home are well worth the effort.

Following these simple tips will ensure that you are on right track towards successful Middle Eastern baking:

7 Tips for Successful Middle Eastern Bread Preparation

1. Never add salt or oil while preparing yeast, they will hinder the fermentation process.

2. Heat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit one hour prior to putting the bread in it.

3.Add olive oil to the dough in order to keep it moist and to prevent if from drying out.

4. Be especially careful not to press the dough when putting it in the oven.

5. If you want softer bread, put a heatproof dish with some water in the oven.

6. Use a wet cotton or towel for covering the dough.

7. An average room temperature of 74 degrees is ideal for dough rising.

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