Candida Diet Foods: Ezekiel 4:9 Bread

If you’re looking for a healthy bread to add to your candida diet, consider Ezekiel 4:9 bread. This bread is very different from most commercial breads and you can purchase it or bake it yourself. Many yeast infection sufferers extol the virtues of this bread.

What is Ezekiel bread?

This bread’s recipe originates from the Old Testament in the Bible. It is flourless and is said to be the perfect food to sustain a person. It’s made with ingredients such as: wheat berries, spelt flour, barley, millet, lentils, several types of beans, honey and olive oil.

The recipe often also calls for an amount of yeast which many people avoid on a candida diet but because of the health benefits and because of the complex carbohydrates, this can be a great choice for those looking to eradicate the overgrowth candida bacteria from their bodies.

This bread was used in the bible to sustain Ezekiel for two years in the desert and is often a bread used in fasting or for ceremonial meals such as church pot lucks. While some biblical references to being cooked over human feces are used, rest assured if you purchase this bread, food inspection agencies wouldn’t approve it for consumption if this was the case!

Does it taste good?

The bread can take a bit of getting used to but is very nutritionally dense and well tolerated by most who introduce it slowly into their diet before relying on it as a mainstay or staple. It has a very high amount of protein and because it uses sprouted beans, it has a wholeness to it that comes from live food. A sprouted grain has a vast amount of nutrients in it.

Where can you find Ezekiel 4:9 bread?

It used to be difficult to source this bread and mostly available in health food stores alone but it has seen an increase in popularity so is available at many grocery stores as well. It is darker in color and has a slightly different texture than regular bread. You should store it in the fridge or freezer until ready to use as it has a much shorter shelf life than other breads which have been made from refined ingredients and prepared with shelf life in mind.

There are a lot of foods that are beneficial to anyone trying to eliminate problems with candida. Prebiotic foods, probiotic yogurt, organic coconut oil and organic apple cider vinegar with the mother are some of the items you should strive to consume while trying to fight off recurring yeast problems. Foods to be avoided include sugar, alcohol, fungi, yeasts and processed foods. Those foods feed candida bacteria and allow it to proliferate which causes many negative side effects.

Some people follow a regimented fast to rid their bodies of the bacteria and some eat complimentary food or follow diet and exercise regimens to help their body be more oxygenated and alkalized. Foods like the Ezekiel 4:9 bread can be very nutritious and help with the quest to cure Candida as well.

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