These Is What Potbelly Sandwich Works Are Famous For

Potbelly Sandwich Works is a famous chain of restaurants in USA. It is famous for selling submarine sandwiches. The name has been derived from the old fashioned potbelly stoves which were a common sight in all homes during the 19th century. The Potbelly Sandwich Works has its headquarters in Chicago.

The restaurant was started by a young couple named Hastings in 1977 in an antique store in Chicago and since then the place has gained immense popularity and importance. Earlier the activities of the restaurant included cutting of rolls from freshly baked loaves of bread and sold them every morning in paper bags. Even today in urban areas, the products of the restaurant are delivered by the workers on bicycles. Recycling of cans and other recyclable material was also done at the store. The original store still has the remnants of these activities but they are non functional. It was only recently that the store has turned into a drive through restaurant.

The number of restaurant has increased and each one has a theme that is antique stores. The number of ovens, booths, coolers, napkin holders, dispensers has gone up considerably. It is now a full fledged restaurant which is a sandwich place that is unique. The restaurant is based on an entirely natural theme. There is no unnatural furniture such as fluorescent lighting, laminated surfaces etc. Natural wood, marble, warm lights, antique furniture and signs are used which gives a feeling of grandeur in itself. This makes the place even more popular and people visit it in large numbers. The restaurant has spread to almost all parts of the USA such as Illinois, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas, Ohio, Washington DC and Wisconsin.

Sandwiches are the main product of the Potbelly Sandwich Works. These sandwiches are made from white or brown bread. The toppings change according to the order placed. Recently, soups, malts, shakes, salads, and cookies have also been added to the menu. The unique features of the restaurant are that it slices meat and cheese on its own, serves locally prepared chips, uses real ice cream, bakes delicious cookies and uses fresh material. Live music is played in the restaurant which entertains the crowds. These are some of the reasons why the restaurant is so famous.

The menu includes sandwiches which are of different types namely, turkey, Italian, beef, meatball, vegetarian and pizza sandwiches. Salads of this place are also exquisite and tasty. Chicken, beef, ham salads are primarily available. Vegetarian as well as non vegetarian soups are also on the menu. Recently shakes, malts, sweets and cookies have been added to the menu. Banana, vanilla, pineapple, coconut, chocolate shakes are available. Beverages such as soda, iced teas, fruit punches, juices can also be ordered by customers. Chocolate chip, home made cookies, ice creams and floats are also put up on the menu.

The restaurant has become very famous as it serves a variety of delicious food items. The restaurant guarantees good food in addition to excellent ambience and fast service. Potbelly Sandwich Works has grown very fast and is still growing in a number of countries.

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