Why A Cuban Sandwich Is So Famous

The Cuban sandwich is mostly prepared by workers in Cuba and in the immigrant community of Ybor city of Tampa. It is obvious from its name that it originally belongs to Cuba. The Cuban sandwich is mainly made up of ham, cheese and many more variations are created from other ingredients. Slowly it started gaining fame and recognition in the southern parts of Florida and now it’s very popular in Key West and Miami.

The ingredients that constitute the Cuban sandwich are the ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, and sometimes salami on Cuban bread. This sandwich is also well known as the mixto sandwich or the Cuban Pressed Sandwich. Well, as in all the preparation recipes of great food there are always some arguments mingling around as to its exact recipe. Some sort of debate for its ingredients also surrounds the Cuban sandwich. The traditional sandwiches from Cuba mainly consist of the Cuban Bread. The other ingredients include butter, which is very common, yellow mustard, roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, and pickles. The inclusion of salami is the main issue of argument. In Miami the salami is left out where as in the city of Tampa, the Genoa Salami is traditionally layered in with the other meats. Some special ingredients like the lettuce, mayonnaise and tomato are added in the restaurants of Key West.

The sandwich is very amazing and treats the customer by completely filling up their stomachs. These sandwiches are lightly toasted in a sandwich press called a plancha, without the grooved surfaces. The best place to buy these delectable portions is from loncherias or street corner-snack bars. The grilling makes the difference in the taste of the sandwich from good to great. Every Cuban sandwich lover believes in his or her own style of preparing it. So, there are lots of different varieties available in the recipe with either inclusion or exclusion of particular ingredient.

The Cuban sandwiches are so famous that they also serve one of the major tourist attractions. The tour to Tampa or Miami is incomplete without tasting the delicacy of this sandwich. These sandwiches have a layering of ham in submarine-style along with roast pork, pickle between a sliced length of Cuban bread and cheese. These sandwiches are usually served either hot or cold, depending upon the customers wish.

What makes the Cuban sandwich so special is the Cuban bread that serves the main base. It is not any ordinary bread, but the Cuban bread, which is not easily available outside Cuba, i.e. Tampa and Miami. The other substitution can be considered as Italian and French bread, but they are not same to the Cuban bread. It also serves a meal for many of the people in Cuba.

The Cuban sandwich is made of a roll and has three or four things in between the sides. On the counters of the restaurants, all kinds of baked meat and fowl are available. The hams are also spiced up to enrich the taste. Many of the sandwiches are also filled with custard, which is famous as "flan" in the city. Overall, it is one of the most important delicacies in Cuba and its suburbs.

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