Why Everyone Enjoys The Shows At Pocket Sandwich Theatre

Pocket Sandwich Theatre is a one-stop destination where one can enjoy to the fullest in every sense of entertainment. They maintain that the place is the most fun packed place in the Dallas theatre. They constantly strive to live up to the expectations of their customers and provide them with best entertainment possible. The overall atmosphere is very casual and friendly. They have professional quality of stage shows, periodic dramas and theatrical shows. All these are blended with good food, drink and other amenities which make it a wonderful place to have fun.

To experience the action packed dramas and be a part of all this excitement it is necessary to locate the place primarily. Pocket Sandwich Theatre is a place in Dallas, centrally located one block east of Central Express Highway Number 75. Its exact location is at 5400 East Mockingbird Lane, Suite 119 of the Central Plaza. It is a place where you can relax while enjoying different varieties of food, with friends and families. The theatre has all this and much more with the thrill of seeing a live performance in an intimate setting.

The Pocket Sandwich Theatre has a capacity to seat near about 145 guests at the table, and the bar. There is also a facility for booth seating, assigned to guests as they arrive. There are special arrangements or considerations when larger groups of people come at a time to seat them together. Special arrangements are made for patrons with special physical needs.

It is a good place to spend in value time with family and friends. Pocket Sandwich Theatre gives out an exquisite mixture of Comedies, Melodramas, and Music shows with occasional drama thrown to keep-up the pace of the audience. The main motive behind the theatre management is to highly entertain the audiences with the selected shows. They should feel much better and contented when they leave the place than coming in the theatre. The care is taken by the management to intimate the audiences if their shows are not targeted to the children. Usually the late night shows are not to be meant for children, as they are not expected to turn out during that time.

The atmosphere inside the Pocket Sandwich Theatre is so well maintained it more than satisfies and entertains the audience. The scripts of the shows are most hilarious and they are done in good-natured fun. Before any of the performance starts, the guests are served with nachos, popcorn along with pitchers of beer and other beverages. This surely makes any play bearable, but usually all of them are of high-class. The audiences are encouraged for passive entertainment too. That means they are also encouraged to throw popcorns at the overdramatic performers whether they are good or bad. This unique adventure is fun for all the age groups.

Everyone can enjoy these shows with lovely sandwiches served. They constitute the dinner with some appetizers. For those who really want to have a blast at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre should well before reserve their seats.

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