Adapt Recipes To Suit Particular Diets

If you love baking and eating cakes, but you or a family member or friend has special dietary needs, don’t worry! Making and eating cakes does NOT have to stop just because of problems like wheat allergy, nut allergy, lactose intolerance, or celiac disease! In times past, people with these problems believed they had stick to boring, bland, plain diets to keep them healthy, and miss out on all their favourite sweet treats. Someone with Celiac Disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity who cannot digest the gluten in wheat might think they have to say goodbye to cakes... after all, how can you make a cake without using flour, which is made from wheat?
Well, if you know, or are prepared to learn how to bake, then there is an easy solution! Home-made cakes offer all the flexibility you need, and you can bake them under controlled conditions so you know exactly what is in them! The problem with store-bought cakes is often they say it is wheat-free, but actually it is gluten-free, which is not actually the same thing! They might say it is fructose free, thinking only fruit contains fructose, but put honey in the cake instead... which is super high in fructose! And this sort of confusion just results in awful symptoms for the eater, and disappointment and guilt for the person who served it to them and who made them ill...
So take control, and discover the fun of baking your own cakes! You can take all the guess-work out and make perfect, impressive-looking cakes that are diet friendly AND delicious! Once you know just a handful of simple yet wonderful recipes, you are unstoppable, and will be able to make cakes that are: gluten-free, wheat-free, egg-free, milk-free or lactose-free, fructose-free... you name it! All it takes is some basic knowledge about ingredient substitution – what to take out and what to put in, to make a recipe perfect for any diet! And this knowledge is simple and straightforward. You, or your family member or friend with a dietary condition, need never feel deprived of delicious home-made cakes again! So check out the great content about ingredient substitution here: .
While you’re there, you’ll also discover some awesome cake recipes to suit any occasion! Go on, no one wants to miss out on delicious baking of yummy cakes!

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