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The search for the right, or best, recipe for cheesecake can be a long one if you don't know where to look. With the explosion of recipe content available on the Internet, along with the dizzying array of cookbooks available that cover cheesecake either exclusively or as part of a larger theme, the number of options are nearly limitless. However, it's good to consider who is providing the recipes and what their reasons for doing so might be.
Let's look at the three main purveyors of recipes for cheesecake. We'll confine this list to sources available on the Internet, since if you're reading this you are already there:

Product sites: These days, it seems that every product you pull off a grocery store shelf has a Web site address affixed to it somewhere, usually right below the UPC code. Those two have become inextricably intertwined ... the scan code that tells how much the item costs and the URL to tell you how to use it. Most food vendor sites have a recipe section, and you would be surprised how many of them include a cheesecake recipe. Be wary, though. These recipes are usually designed to showcase the vendor's product, not necessarily to give you a really good cheesecake.

Food show sites: Most TV chefs have delved into the world of cheesecake at least once, from Italian greats like Mario Batali to kitchen technicians like Alton Brown and even the effervescent Rachel Ray. While these recipes are usually well tested and have even been served in restaurants and before distinguished guests, they are often unnecessarily complex for the average home cook's knowledge. They may contain exotic ingredients that aren't readily available. In some cases, the translation of the recipe from screen to page results in holes being left in the directions that can lead to disaster.

Recipe sites: Recipe sites such as All recipes, and sites run by chefs who have both a love for cheesecake and a knowledge of their audience, are the best home for what you seek. Some sites even offer user ratings of the various recipes, which are far superior to some unknown rating system. You can read comments from real-world cooks, learn their successes and failures and even find neat additions they've made on their own.

So get out there and search ... but look carefully! Your perfect recipe for cheesecake could be just a few clicks away.

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